Dolopet® CBD dog drops


Dolopet® CBD dog drops.

One bottle contains 10ml. One drop contains 2mg of CBD.

Ingredients: olive oil, fish oil, hemp extract, sensory additives: milk aroma (0.05%), dietary supplements: vitamin E / 3a700 (0.03%).


The recommended daily amount is:
pups: 1-2 drops / 1-2 x daily
dogs <10 kg: 1-2 drops / 2-3 x daily
dogs> 10 kg: 2-3 drops / 2-3 x daily

Warning: After opening, close the package tightly and store the drops in a cool, dark and dry place.

Shelf life: it is stamped on the packaging.


Ingredients: olive oil; fish oil; hemp extract; sensory supplements: milk aroma (0.05%); nutritional supplements: vitamin E/3a700 (0.03%).


younglings: 1-2 drops / 1-2 x a day

dogs <5 kg: 1-2 drops / 2-3 x a day

dogs > 5 kg: 2-3 drops / 2-3 x a day

Warning: Store the drops in a cool, dry room. Expiration date: See packaging.

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