You’ve probably heard about the benefits CBD can have on humans. Studies have shown that CBD can possibly reduce pain, help alleviate anxiety and depression, and even potentially support recovery from cancer treatment. And almost the same thing goes for CBD oil for cats.

The thing you maybe still don’t know is that it can have these effects on your beloved pets as well. With the prejudice against CBD quickly becoming a thing of the past, it might be worth considering how you can use CBD oil to improve your cat’s health.

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

CBD oil can be often used to ease the symptoms of illnesses and improve your cat’s life quality; but even so, if your beloved pet is suffering from more serious problems, the first thing you should always do is take it to the vet.
Your cat has a unique personality, it will also have a one of a kind attitude, and along with this, of course, a unique reaction to CBD.

Still, veterinarians agree that CBD is safe to use for cats, and rarely has any side effects. However, a consultation with your veterinarian is advised before starting any new treatment. Holistic vets are a great option for deciding whether CBD is right for your cat.

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The most important safety factor to consider when administrating CBD oil to your cat is the dosage. High dosages are the most common reason for adverse effects in cats after being given CBD oil.

Being wary of the dosage and properly reading the instructions that come with your CBD oil product will help in keeping your cat safe. Also, a thing to remember is, while CBD is generally safe for cats, marijuana is known to be toxic if consumed by cats.

You should NEVER give your cat marijuana directly; CBD products are the SAFEST option for your cat.

Will CBD oil get your cat high?

To answer simply, no, it won’t. By itself, CBD is non-psychoactive, and so it will not have an intoxicating effect on your pet or anyone for that matter. Because THC, the intoxicating chemical in it, has been separated from the active hemp compound, meaning that it doesn’t produce any intoxicating effects. It’s chemically impossible unless you use a CBD oil with added THC.
CBD is not only legal to use, but it also won’t get your pet high.

Benefits of CBD oil for cats

Because humans and cats both share the endocannabinoid system, the benefits to your cat’s well being will be very similar to the benefits that you also can experience when using CBD. Aside from treating conditions that affect mood and comfort, it could also help prevent more serious health issues for you and your cat.

Thanks to its potential anti-inflammatory property, CBD can be helpful as a treatment for a wide range of chronic problems, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Asthma
  • Nerve-related pain
  • Neuropathy pain
  • Inflammation on oxidative stress

How do I give CBD oil to my cat?

Many pet-owners lack the experience needed to give CBD to their cats. Cats are generally pickier than dogs, so administrating CBD oil to them comes with a unique set of challenges. With this in mind, we’ll offer a few tricks our customers shared with us regarding the best ways to give CBD oil to cats.

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How to:

  • Add CBD to their food and treats
  • Squeeze directly into your pet’s mouth

Tip #1

If your cat has a curious personality, hold the CBD oil dropper up and allow them to lick it while you squeeze the dropper. Then, before placing it back inside the bottle make sure you clean the dropper properly.

Tip #2

Put some CBD oil on your cat’s paw. Your cat will likely clean their paw by licking it.

Tip #3

When CBD oil is administered on its own, it is known to work much quicker. Therefore you can add a few CBD drops to your cat’s empty food bowl, before feeding it.


When first introducing CBD oil to your cat’s diet, “less is more” is the best approach. There’s no reason to rush by giving your cat large doses.
Subtly incorporating it into their diet is the best way to go, as they’ll get the benefits without experiencing any side effects.
Your veterinarian must be consulted when trying to determine the correct dosage for your cat. They will know how much your pet should be taking.
According to our user experience, a general rule would be 1mg to 5mg for every 10lbs of your cat’s body weight. Starting with 1mg to 5mg is also better regardless of your cat’s size; as you can steadily increase the dosage over time.

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If CBD is being used to treat a chronic condition of your cat, here are the generally recommended dosages:

  • Arthritis: 0.5mg of CBD per kilogram of your pet’s weight (0.5 mg/kg) twice per day
  • Pancreatitis: To start, 0.1mg/kg twice daily; over time you can gradually increase it up to 0.5mg/kg twice daily
  • Asthma: 0.5mg/kg twice daily
  • Seizures: 0.5mg/kg twice daily and gradually increase. Veterinarians say it takes up to 3mg/kg for CBD to manage cats with seizures
  • Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections: 5mg/kg twice daily
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: 0.2mg/kg twice daily